MUNI Connection from Home (VPN)

Instructions: VPN Configuration for macOS

Every active MU student or staff member can make use of VPN. In order to log in, one must use UČO and secondary password as login data.


  • If you have already tried to install a VPN and it wasn't successful, exit Tunnelblick, uninstall it, and delete any old installation and configuration files before the new installation. Download everything again according to these instructions.
  • If you already had a VPN for macOS installed on your computer, some windows may not appear, and some parts of the installation process may no longer be required.

Firstly, download the installation file Tunnelblick from website (always download the current stable version - STABLE).



Download the current configuration file.



When the files are downloaded, install Tunnelblick first. You can start the installation by tapping at the downloaded file Tunnelblick.

Tap the Tunnelblick icon in the displayed offer.

When the following window appears, tap Open.

In the next window, click Continue.

Enter the login data you use to log in to your computer (you must have an administrator account) and click OK.

Tap the button I have configuration files in the next offer.

Click the OK button.

Now run the downloaded configuration file muni-mobi.ovpn.



If your computer is used only by you, in the next offer, select Only me.

In the next window, enter again the password to your local computer account.



Tap the Tunnelblick icon on the upper right bar and select  Connect muni-mobi in the displayed offer.

In the next window you need to enable this extension for Tunnelblick. Click Open Security Preferences.

Now in the Security & Privacy window, on the General tab, click on the lock (on the left) and unlock it with the password you have in the system of the device (computer). Then click Enable.


  1. If you accidentally clicked OK in step 13, you must Enable this extension, without which VPN will not work. You can access this permission via System Preferences (gear icon), then Security & Privacy, General tab.
  2. This must be done within 20 minutes of installing the Tunnelblick, otherwise, this option will disappear, and you will need to reinstall everything completely
  3. Sometimes this option only appears after a failed VPN login.
  4. If you have already enabled this extension in an older version, you may not see this menu, and the VPN connection should work.

Confirm the warning messages that appear in the background with the OK button and check Do not warn about this again for the warning message about the configuration file.

Click the Tunnelblick icon at the top of the taskbar again, and click Attach muni-mobi from the pop-up menu.

In the following menu, enter your UČO and secondary password and confirm OK, if you do not wish to enter the data repeatedly, check the Save in Keychain in both UČO and password.


Now, you should be successfully logged in to Masaryk University’s virtual private network now.  

Still having trouble with connection?
In case you have trouble connecting, have a look at the list of frequent problems. Also, do not forget to adjust firewall settings (UDP port 1194) so that it allows VPN connection.

Learn More
Answers to questions about split tunnels, mail settings or passwords can be found in the section Frequently Asked Questions.

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