MU Portal

The MU portal brings together information from the university environment that is important to you. You can find here news from Muni Yammer (MY), your personal calendars, an overview of the documents, alerts, and also the current menu in your favorite restaurants.

What Information Can You Find Here?

Personal Information

Selection of personal information from MU systems, such as an overview of documents waiting for your statement, events from your calendars, payroll deadlines, information from Office 365 or meal voucher ordering alerts, etc. (currently Inet MU is the data source).

Selection of Important Messages

Selected information that should not be overlooked - e.g. important messages from the university management or a link to the latest MU newsletter.

News at MU

Summary of reports from the main MU communication systems - e.g. Muni Yammer or


The search uses Google technology across MU sites and contains specific information about people, apps, documents, or buildings found. It is also possible to activate MY search.


The Portal also serves as a gateway and a signpost to other internal information and communication systems.

URL Shortener

The Portal provides a service for shortening long URLs, i.e. creating their shortened form in the format


MU Portal offers MU employees the DeepL Translator.

Who Is the Service For?

The MU Portal is a service provided free of charge to all employees of Masaryk University.

Why Use Portal?

  • You will have one page with an overview of personal information from MU's internal systems.
  • You will get an overview of events at MU.
  • You do not have to remember where to find important agendas - they will be linked from the Portal.

Many of the functions that the Portal is missing so far will be continuously added. It is also true that the more it is used, the sooner we will get enough data for its improvement and space to integrate other systems.

What Is the Aim of the Portal?

The Portal aims to become a central point of entry to all important information resources of the University. It makes it easier for MU employees and students to communicate and share information and enables searching within MU's internal resources.

For authentication, it uses MUNI Unified Login, which eliminates the need to re-login to systems that also use MUNI Unified Login.


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