ARTS Landline Telephony

Faculty of Arts employees can request their own telephone extension from CIT, to be used for a landline or wireless phone. If necessary, calls can be forwarded to a mobile number.

How to get a phone

  • New landline telephony devices for users at the Faculty of Arts are procured from faculty resources and they are provided by CIT engineers when an extension is set up or in exchange for an obsolete unit.
  • Wireless (portable) analogue telephony devices can be purchased by economic departments at their own expense.
  • Please, submit your telephony requests via the form.

Forwarding calls to a mobile number

Your extension can be redirected to your mobile phone. The costs of the forwarded call are borne by your economic department. When forwarding is ended, calls will be routed back to the original landline phone.

Forwarding by the administrator (universal solution)

  • Please, ask the telephony administrator to enable or disable call forwarding via the form.
  • If you have multiple extensions, for example, personal one and job-specific one, please, enter all of them. Each extension may use different forwarding.
  • In addition, delayed call forwarding may be requested. The call rings on the extension for a while (8 seconds as an established practice) and then forwards to a mobile number.
  • The request is processed manually by an ICS engineer, usually by the next day.
  • To disable forwarding set up by the administrator for your landline phone, dial #10#; to re-enable, dial *10*1#. (If multiple extensions exist on the phone, disabling applies only to the primary one, i.e., the number that displays as the caller when using the landline phone to call a mobile phone.)

User-enabled forwarding (for advanced users)

  • The user can control enabling, disabling and changing the forwarded number.
  • The settings are performed at the user’s own landline phone. This type of forwarding is not set up or disabled by the telephony administrators.
  • If multiple extensions exist on the phone, the setting applies only to the primary extension, i.e., the number that displays as the caller when using the landline phone to call a mobile phone.
  • The setting can be used only for extensions that have not been previously redirected by the administrator. Forwarding by the administrator establishes an extension profile for forwarding; this can be removed at the user’s request to allow user-enabled forwarding.
  • To enable forwarding at your landline phone, dial *22#0xxxxxxxxx#, where xxxxxxxxx is a 9-digit mobile phone in the Czech Republic. The change will take effect immediately.
  • To cancel forwarding, dial #22#.
  • Detailed instructions: Call forwarding to an external number

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