MUNI Unified Login

Migration to the New MUNI Unified Login

From June 1, 2020, services that have used the secondary password for login have migrated to MUNI Unified Login. Now, you can log in to those services through UČO and the primary password; the change will also affect the visual appearance. 

This change affected dozens of public and supporting web services managed by MUNI, such as,, or

Moreover, it affects about 3,000 national or global services, to which you log in by selecting a university in, and then you use university login data, such as, či

On the contrary, it does not affect other web services, which also use a secondary password, but you log in differently than through the MUNI Unified Login, e.g., login to a university computer, VPN or Eduroam.

Some services have already been migrated, such as INET, Office 365, SKM services and MUNISHOP. From the user's point of view will change only the appearance of the login page, which is in the uniform visual style of MU as you can see below. The reason for the transition is primarily to increase the security of the sign-up process and to extend functionality towards service providers.

WARNING!: If you have a password stored from the past in the browser and it automatically fills your data while new login, you will not log in to the service. You must enter a primary password.

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