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CIT Newsletter 1/2024: Changes in OneDrive Capacity, Digital Technology in Music, and New Mobile Tariff Prices

OneDrive Reduces Capacity

Připomínáme aktuální a blížící se změny ohledně kapacity OneDrive úložiště. Uživatelům, kteří k lednu 2024 nezaplnili svůj OneDrive na více než 100 GB, byla automaticky nastavena nová kvóta. Uživatelé, kteří nyní překračuji kvótu 100 GB, by měli do července 2024 snížit zaplnění svého OneDrive úložiště pod nově stanovenou kvótu 100 GB. V opačném případě bude jejich OneDrive automaticky přepnut do režimu jen pro čtení. Pokud se snížením kapacity potřebujete poradit, neváhejte se obrátit na a společně vybereme nejvhodnější postup. Veškeré podrobnosti najdete také na webu IT MUNI.

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Get Inspiration from Other Teachers

If you are interested in what methods your colleagues use in their teaching, or just want to find out how effective your teaching is, observations are an opportunity you should not miss. Peer observation allow you to participate in another teacher's teaching, or conversely another teacher will visit your class and give you feedback. Participation in the observation processes is financially rewarded, see the website for more details.

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Lubomír Spurný on the Memory of Sound Project: Striving to Enhance Understanding of Music

In an interview with Lubomír Spurný, we found out details about the Memory of Sound project, which brings more advanced and automated methods of processing larger volumes of data related to music performance to the Czech environment.

How does the software work and would it be suitable for your projects?

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Melody Hidden in Numbers - How Digital Technology is Changing the Music World?

Without the piano and music notation, the masterpieces of many composers would probably not have been written. Today, a composer can compose music in software that offers a range of features to simplify his work or expand his possibilities in manipulating a composition. Read more about how digital technology has impacted the world of music.

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Modified Price Lists and Information in the Mobile Telephony Section

We have updated the price list and mobile telephony information on the website.

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Where Can Employees Take Printer Toner for Disposal?

Used toner from printers cannot be disposed of in mixed waste. Please place them in the box under the stairs in Building D.

April Microsoft 365 Workshops: Discover More About Useful Features and Tools or Learn How to Utilize Edge

In April, we are preparing several online workshops focused on the Microsoft 365 office suite. In the first of them, we'll cover useful tools and features that every user of these programs should know about. This will be followed by a workshop focused on the Edge browser, which hides many interesting features that many users don't even know about. Finally, in the last term, we will delight users of Apple devices as we will demonstrate how to use the M365 tools on them most effectively.

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Summary of NPO Projects in the Past Year

The NPO project, which was completed together with the end of last year, included a number of activities related to e-learning. Many of you have innovated your teaching or received quality feedback as a result. Read our summary and future plans related to the activities of this programme.

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Site Upgrade Online Learning

In recent months, we have worked to improve the Online Learning website based on your feedback. In doing so, we have drawn on the information provided to us by teachers during the survey, with the data collected undergoing further detailed analysis. Thanks to this process, the site now has much clearer menu categories and a significantly improved structure. The aim was to make it easier for you to navigate the site so that you can find what you need.

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History of CIT: The Beginnings of Moodle at FF

note: the picture shows a newer version from 2018

Moodle was selected as a tool for use at the Faculty of Arts in 2003 as part of the Electronic Tools for Combined and Distance Learning in English project (until then, materials were provided mainly in HTML). At the time when the development of the e-learning system in IS was still in the planning stage, Moodle at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education (the Faculty of Education introduced Moodle only shortly after us) already contained hundreds of courses. Later, in 2007, there were already over 600 courses at the Faculty of Arts alone. However, this number also included inactive courses that were created in Moodle over a longer period of time. Today, we try to update the system every year to prevent this "hoarding of old courses", which allows the system to be more agile and to contain only those courses that are relevant.

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