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We are finding out what teachers and students need and lack in their classrooms

At the beginning of February, we held a meeting to find out from teachers what they like and what is missing in their classrooms. It turned out that many teachers would like to see the classroom more adaptable and more suitable for interactive learning. We describe the details in the article on the website.

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The computers in the classrooms are now running Windows 11

We installed the latest version of Windows on the classroom computers. This will keep the computers up to date and ready to use with the latest versions of the programs you need for teaching. We will install the system on staff PCs in phases - when we replace/purchase PCs or when support for the current Windows 10 system is about to end.

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We have simplified the use of lapel microphones in the classrooms of buildings K and L

Simplification involves removing the external microphone cable from the transmitter box, which already has a built-in microphone. Connecting another microphone via a cable is therefore unnecessary. This means that the external microphone cable will no longer be a burden.

The VGA ports in buildings K and L are removed. HDMI and soon USB-C can now be used

In buildings K and L, we have removed the VGA ports, which are no longer implemented in new equipment very often and are technically obsolete. Instead, we recommend using HDMI cables and in the near future USB-C, for which we are preparing support in these classrooms. If it is necessary to use the VGA port, you have to have an adapter that allows the device to be connected via an HDMI cable.

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What's new in Umbraco? Stay tuned for updates.

If you manage a website in the Umbraco system, you will no doubt benefit from information about ongoing innovations and bug fixes. In the last few months, several new features have been added to Umbraco, such as the use of clipping in clipping, the PDF page, and content protection by the amount of time. More detailed descriptions of the updates can be found in the MS Teams channel.

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Tightening email trust recognition

Stricter conditions have been set within the university mailroom for handling emails. The system now evaluates the trustworthiness of the source from which the message was sent using several technologies (such as DMARC). More specifically, if an email with a university address (e.g. from: came from a source other than university mail (i.e. IS mail, O365, etc.), it will be moved to the spam folder. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the University servers for sending work mail.

The newly deployed systems are in compliance with the email processing requirements NÚKIB 8477/2021-NÚKIB-E/350.

Continuation of the LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ project for 2023-2026

Since the first launch of the large research infrastructures project, we have identified existing research platforms created at FF MU as part of the research activities of experts over the past four years. We have created a catalogue of these platforms, which we constantly update. We have transferred four selected existing and one newly emerging project to the Digitalia MUNI ARTS infrastructure.
In the upcoming years, we intend to continue transferring existing platforms under the Digitalia MUNI ARTS infrastructure while providing consultation to academics when submitting new grant applications and possible assistance with project implementation.
We would also like to obtain trusted repository certification and thus increase the value and quality of the data preserved and presented.

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Warning against using the TikTok app

Masaryk University's cybersecurity team warns of the security risk of using the TikTok app. This is due to the collection of sensitive data that this application stores about the user. The issue primarily concerns the TikTok app, not the web platform, which you can use in a browser without collecting personal data from your phone (the app, unlike the web platform, requires access to sensitive data). See the CSIRT-MU website for details of the risks associated with using this app.

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