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New Website About O365 Applications

In connection with the ongoing migration of faculty staff to Microsoft Office 365, we have prepared a new website summarising basic information, recommendations and frequently asked questions about using the main Office 365 applications. You can find it at We will also be continually editing and adding information and tutorials to the site based on your feedback. You can send any suggestions and comments to For details on the third (final) phase of the "Office 365 at FA" project, please refer to the document O365 at FA - Academic Departments - Project - Phase 3 (CZ only).

We will provide further details in the upcoming days.

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New Cinematic Brno Platform

The Cinematic Brno platform has now become part of the faculty infrastructure for the Digitalia MUNI ARTS digital platform. The platform offers researchers and laypeople interested in the history of cinema a reconstruction of the programme of Brno cinemas in 1918-1945. You can also find information about where the cinemas were located, their capacity or owners. The website includes transcripts of interviews with the people who visited these cinemas before 1945.

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Events on the Digital Humanities Website in a New View

We have modified the display of events on the Digital Humanities website. Events now contain more clearly listed information about the venue and date. You can also click on the link to add the events to your calendar to keep them in one place.

If your department/institute is hosting an interesting event related to digital humanities, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to share the information further.

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New Secure Testing Solution Safe Exam Browser

The technical solution for secure classroom testing has changed. The exam mode now uses the Safe Exam Browser. The motivation for this change was to make the exam mode easier to manage and more stable. From a user perspective, the usage procedure remains the same as before. We describe more in the update.

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Records of Workshops on Secure Testing and H5P

We have published the recordings of the workshops organised by the CIT FA e-learning office. The first focuses on creating more attractive study materials using the H5P module in ELF, while the second focuses on secure testing in Safe Exam Browser. Both recordings are available in Czech language only.

Watch the H5P workshop Watch the SEB workshop

Micro-course Videos With English Subtitles

We have developed English subtitles for all micro-courses (from the Open Humanities project). This makes them more accessible to international students (or other interested parties).

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Please Turn Off the Projectors Before Leaving the Classroom

We would like to ask the teachers always to turn off the projector in the classroom after the class ends by using the OFF button on the control panel in the classroom (in buildings K and L by remote control of the projector). Otherwise, the projector will remain on, which consumes energy unnecessarily and reduces the life of the projector.

To Use O365 Desktop Applications, You Must Have an A3 License Set Up

By default, each employee has an A1 license set up and can use Office 365 online tools, but to use the desktop applications as well, you must set up an A3 license in the INET system. The attached link describes how to activate A3 licence.

Read the guide More information

Workshop: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Come and experience an intense virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality experience in the makerspace at the Central Library, which is running the workshop in collaboration with CIT FA. You'll experience using the HTC Vive Pro, and wireless HTC Vive Focus 3 or Meta Quest 2. Both workshops will be in Czech language only.

Workshop 17. 3. Workshop 22. 3.

Tablet Rental at FA

We want to remind you that it is still possible to borrow tablets from us. If you are a teacher and want to innovate your teaching using technology, a tablet may be just thing you need. However, students who might find a tablet useful for study purposes can also borrow one. We have the Apple iPad, Apple iPad mini and Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus. More information can be found at the attached link.

Borrow tablet(s)

Digitisation Possibilities at FA

If you need to digitise study materials or other documents, you can use the digitisation services provided by CIT FA. In 2020 and 2021, we digitised 20-30,000 pages in this way (26 requests each year). Depending on the number of requests, we will process yours within two weeks of your order. Our prices for FA staff and students are significantly lower than they would be for scanning at private companies, and we also offer advanced scanning options such as OCR functionality. The new feature is that there is no need for paperwork - everything can be sorted out with a click in INET and the publication can then be sent to us for scanning by internal post.

For details about digitisation at CIT FA, please see the website.

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History of CIT: LVT Website Twenty Years Ago

This newsletter looks twenty years back to the LVT (Laboratory of Computing Technology; predecessor of CIT) website. Some of the site's material is still available through the Internet Archive, and occasionally exciting facts about technology at the time can be found here. Some of the texts here may seem ridiculous, while others remain true to this day, such as the statement, "All those who use a computer on the university, can become victims of a viral infection and subsequently become bacillus carriers capable of infecting their entire surroundings - in the days of the Internet, distance is irrelevant."

You can visit the archive yourself via the attached link.

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Have you encountered a technical problem or need help with something? Please submit CIT service requests via the web at

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